Mold is the natural decay process of the world.  It eats the fallen leaves and trees in the woods but when elevated levels of mold are found inside a building it is unhealthy for the occupants and can damage the structure.  Mold can enter a building every time the doors are open and low levels cannot be eliminated.  The natural low levels of mold indoors may not have any effect on the occupants or the structure but with the introduction of a water source such as a water leak or high humidity the low levels of mold can quickly grow to a high level that is unhealthy for the occupants and can damage the structure. 
E. Luke Greene Company will conduct a Mold Remediation project to return the structure to the natural low levels or acceptable levels of mold.  It is important to address and eliminate the water intrusion or high humidity prior to starting a mold remediation project.  The area or areas of mold contamination will be placed in containment and negative air pressure while all contaminated materials are either cleaned or removed.  E. Luke Greene will complete the project under OSHA Standards and will follow the EPA guidelines found in the EPA publication "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings".  Workers will wear personal protection equipment (PPE) during the remediation project.  A Certified Mold Remediator will supervise the project.


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